Friday, March 26, 2010

N-Viro Innovative Way to Recycle Wastewater Sludge

The new N-Viro International Corporation who makes bio organic products from waste to energy, can be a solution on finding alternative energy not only makes renewable energy but also recycles waste product from wastewater sludge. On some countries with such many pollution going on, this can be useful as it can be made into fertilizers to agricultural products. N-Viro really did it this time innovating waste products into useful substance. Using clean coal technologies that most third world countries need it and also first world countries, this can be an opportunity fuel to us.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Football Mania

I have been searching videos of football since I am a football fan. Everytime I open my pc, I tend to find highlights of football wherein scoring a goal acts like magic. Goals from a corner kick, back flips and scoring a goal halfway of the field. Then I found Carlsberg web-tv with different menus to choose like a television and magazine combine as one. Football fans will like this web tv because of different promotions, tours and even contest which we can win a prize just by watching. I'm excited to share this to my fellow football fans that of Carlsberg web-tv launched a web tv just for us waiting to watch the magical moments of

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